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Stand out!!!!!!!

Don't bother to fit in

Cos God made us to stand out

Different from many others

Similar in kind, yet standing out


Not everyone needs to fit into the crowd

There are few who aren't made uniform

Something peculiar makes them distinct

Creating a mess within


God creates certain people for his needs

A vicergent, a guide for the remaining seeds

So don't be sad if you aren't able to fit in 

As you were modeled into being distinguished 


Divergent views and the convergent ones

They have their purpose and complement them

So don't just waste your time and effort fitting in

Stand out, be distinct, because that is your beginning 


We often think about fitting in

And make all out efforts getting there

Without success though, waste of energies

As everyone ain't here to fit in

Some are born and blossomed distinct 

◄ Oops....I forgot the title of this poem😒

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Don Matthews

Wed 26th Feb 2020 11:11

Take me or leave me
The way that I am
Guess what ? my opinion?
I don't give a damn



Wed 26th Feb 2020 10:52

Hahaha......I like it Don

That's the way you go
Others like or not 💕

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Don Matthews

Wed 26th Feb 2020 10:44

I am a little misfit
I just cannot conform
Others give me funny looks
I just don't fit the norm

I then began to think maybe
That it was me quite norm
And all the rest abnormal
Who felt had to conform......

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