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Only you!!!

Suddenly you disappeared 

Stopped writing and talking

You don't care as you did before

And to tell you the truth about it

I feel really miserable like this

Cos without you my world ain't beautiful 

I miss you and everything we talked and cared for

Can we have better times than we ever had before

Those that I had actually expected and dreamt of

The closeness we share, the spiritual bonding

Enhancing every marvellous reason to attain the proximity 

How deeply I long to be where my vision belonged

In a land far away by the beach, hill or sand

I miss you and miss you every minute, every hour

Don't allow distances to grow and rip us apart

Cos it damages me like never before and kills my soul

Hope you can hear my words on time and understand my feelings true that I have for only you


◄ Spring!!!!!!

Sickness!!!!! ►



Mon 17th Feb 2020 22:55

Yes, I know what you mean
Just not well to create virtual me
May be after sometime I am ready for therapy
Blueprints of my sickness I shall send to thee
Heal me as always you have
For with your virtual touch healing starts

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Don Matthews

Mon 17th Feb 2020 09:06

I am your Rollercoaster
Can I please substitute
The missing you are feeling
And ride you round my loop?

I promise you excitement
As up and down we go
I know I'm only virtual
(But virtual can have great healing powers.....)

If you know what I mean......


Mon 17th Feb 2020 04:24

Thank you dear Mona🌷

mona s

Mon 17th Feb 2020 03:50

Such a longing in those beautifully weaved verses..loved it

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