Open letter to god

Are you there god?

Are you sure?

What gives life

To all the poor?

When your all good.

Why do we have

So much blood?

When your sat in heaven

Why kill our children?

When your so sublime

Why make life like

A poor mans mime?

If you answer prayer.

Why give cancer

Its ghastly lair?

You’ve lost your touch.

Its all too much.

When there’s so much war.

Why behave like 

An evil whore?

Give us answers.

I dare you to…

do something good.

Without mans hand.

You’re out the band.

Teen Bone cancer

Makes you a chancer.


You have no answer!

◄ Panama a love story. Late 1982.

In his image. ►


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Paul Sayer

Fri 10th Jul 2020 23:56

Phil I feel most poets are afraid of poets like you.

They fear you because you are never afraid, to tell the truth.

Your style is honest and straight to the point.

Your blade is razor-sharp and you wield it like a fucking Jedi Master uses his lightsaber, and a Ninja wields his Katana.

With precession, absolute precision, and power.

Like a true Master, you never draw your blade until you intend to use it.

I know because I have made it a lifetimes study.

Those who glibly say "The pen is mightier than the sword" often have no idea what that means in 'real' practical terms.

Write on

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