Years, Miles And Sunlit Smiles

A thousand miles of scattered dreams lie between us,

But I can still see you,

Still see that iridescent smile,

That shines on each and every one and each and every mile,

And it warms me,

It casts a light that warms my soul,

Makes me feel like the halves of, "We," are once again whole,

But they're not,

And it's like, just for that briefest moment I forgot,

But that's ok,

For me it's always been that way,

Basking in the light of your Sun,

Wishing for a moment these, "0.5's," would once again add up to 1,

But they can't,

And I know that that should make me sad, but I refuse to feel it,

Your love only meant what it meant 'cos you gave it,

I didn't have to steal it,

And though that smile is frozen in the time-locked frame of a photograph,

It still quietly makes me laugh,

Every time I see it,

You warmed me,

See, the love that you gave so willingly helped form me,

Into someone capable of loving back,

And though you could show me where it began, you couldn't come with me down that track,

And I miss you,

And though the person I wake up with means more to me than anyone, I'd still like to kiss you,

Just once, one more time as a friend,

To say, "Thanks,"

Thanks for helping me find the way to her side when I didn't know how to,

Because without your help I wouldn't have been able to say to her, "I love you," 

And mean it,

So across those years and miles and sunlit smiles, 

I say, "Thank you."

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Jason Bayliss

Fri 31st Jan 2020 22:51

Thanks Mona.

J. x

mona s

Fri 31st Jan 2020 03:22

Simply beautiful and poignant..

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Jason Bayliss

Mon 27th Jan 2020 21:16

Thanks man, I was going for sincere reflection, hope it came across.

J. x

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Mon 27th Jan 2020 13:10

❤️ This is beautiful.

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