First Feet

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First Feet

(First seen in the Like-Minders Society Theme Park)


If you like my humour

And think I'm worth a read

Hop in with your feet first

You are a dying breed


If you're into doom and gloom

Don't think I'm worth a read

Go ahead I do not care

Procreate your breed


OK my humour can be

Strange, sometimes offbeat

But if you think I'm worth a read

Then jump in with first feet


Don Matthews March 2019




◄ Terry

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Don Matthews

Mon 27th Jan 2020 06:21

Nigel ad Kate

As Like-Minders what colour are you painting your toenails for our up-and-coming Toenail-Paint Celebration ride?



Sun 26th Jan 2020 21:10

The colour of love 😉

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Don Matthews

Sun 26th Jan 2020 21:07

What colour should I as driver use?


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Don Matthews

Sun 26th Jan 2020 20:59


After my 24/7 firewatch over the LMS Rollercoaster (just a bit smoky and me rather tired) I had it examined by the RSB (Rollercoaster Safety Board) just as an extra precaution. They assured me everything was hunky dory and that the wheels were not going to fall off.(I even have paperwork). You will understand this possibility would obviously scare off anyone considering joining LMS.



Sun 26th Jan 2020 20:54

💅🦶 I'm sitting here painting nails too 😀

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Paul Sayer

Sun 26th Jan 2020 13:35

Oh! Ruth I have done my toenails already.

And I have polished my Prince Albert, it gleams so bright it will blind you!

I am also thinking about installing some more cameras on the Roller Coaster, to capture what a fun filled experience we all are having.

See you sooooooooooooooooooooon!


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Graham Sherwood

Sun 26th Jan 2020 12:26

Don, you're beginning to sound a bit desperate! Are the wheels coming off?

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Ruth O'Reilly

Sun 26th Jan 2020 10:24

Now the question is this...Do we need to paint our toenails?😉

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Don Matthews

Sun 26th Jan 2020 10:13

Thankyou likers for your feet
You are a dying breed
More WOLers giving of their feet
More of them we do need


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Don Matthews

Sat 25th Jan 2020 12:48

Thankyou Do
For your feet
On our Roller
Bum on seat

Waiting for
Po's two feet
On the Roller
Bum on seat

Where are your
Feet Ruth girl?
Bum on seat
Roller whirl

Sorry Bert
Feet on Roller
No can go

Lucy's feet
'Ready in
Downing whiskey
Rin tin tin

Wot's rin tin tin got to do with it Eth?

Roller is pleased to see cap R



Sat 25th Jan 2020 12:42

🦶 here's my first feet
🤸‍♀️ ride is on and so is me
👩‍💻 your poems worth the read
🎪🎢🎡 LMS theme park the best place to be
Thank you!!!

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Don Matthews

Sat 25th Jan 2020 08:30

I you are one of the dying breed who enjoy our Leader's humour come and join us. We guarantee a fun-filled ride.

Lucy L (LMS Head of Publicity)

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