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Just for YOU!!!!!!!!!

All I need is you

Like the heart needs the blood

To pump in and pump out

You are my breath

My air that I inhale and exhale

After God it's you I have too much faith

We complement each other in many ways

It's not only the happiness that I seek from you

It's not cos of loneliness I wanna be with you

Our connections are way stronger than any human need

Although being humans we have pleasures and pain to endure n seek

Yet it's the pleasure of our souls, finding comfort and companionship till eternity

There are threads pulling us together ever since we were made

Those connecting wires are seeking to be plugged back again

There is much more than worldly pleasures in out togetherness 

Our first hello was all but a perfect plan of our creator

And everything else just followed, even after drifting apart we were tuned

Cosmic breathing within you and me continued

My faith keeps calling you, For my merciful God will keep us attuned

Return of faithful one, to your faithful one, the two beloved souls seek eternal companionship 

Just scribbled the words flowing within, can't find any poetic rhythm 

Feelings so true I feel for only you, written in simple words, just for you.

◄ Don't know!!


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Don Matthews

Sat 22nd Feb 2020 21:32

Tongue in cheek Do:

I am a little wire
Looking for a socket
For which to go and plug in
Take off like a rocket


Hugh has sent a little 'love' message to you I think....

I asked Mr Google for translation and got same gobbldegook back...



Sat 22nd Feb 2020 16:30

What it means dear hugh??

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Sat 25th Jan 2020 11:23

Darn o farddoniaeth ardderchog.Da iawn.

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