had a bad
no grace
or gratitude
came from a place
of greed
what was in it
for me
complain about the cards
i was dealt
oh so sorry
for myself i felt
couldn't fly
on one wing
boohoo and cry
didn't have any bling
only ball i caught
was thrown with a curve
never got
what i thought i deserved
whined a lot
about life
a childhood
of strife
no goals
no plan
empty soup bowl
open hand
was rooted in crap
could stay as that
like a mushroom
or decide to bloom
embrace who
i am
find a place
to land
stop blaming fate
for my blues
start to choose
if i win or lose
relying on a bet
is no way to live
what back i get
depends on what i give
life's not much fun
without appreciation
before showing grace
having gratitude
had to adjust
my own attitude

POEMS3 by cindy lee loucks




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