I'm a Protester Yay!

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I'm a Protester Yay!



I'm a protester yay! I'm a protester

What about? I dunno, yippee yay!

I've locked myself up to the Parliament gates

Then I done went and threw 'way the key




I'm protesting yay! I'm a protester

I've locked myself up yay yippee!

Oh no!, I got problem here officer

I need to unlock, go for pee


(Can't see key anywhere luv.....)


(Shit! I can't hold out much longer....)


Don Matthews October 2019



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Don Matthews

Sun 19th Jan 2020 07:41

The Rollercoaster must've done the trick Do...😃😎

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Sun 19th Jan 2020 07:37

Is that me, Donny dear?? But m not chained.....hehehe.....protesting, resenting, voicing out......but am happy, happy, happy...😃

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Don Matthews

Sun 19th Jan 2020 06:11

Thankyou for the like Jordyn.....

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