Thought I Wouldn't Notice?

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Thought I Wouldn't Notice?

(Just because I live on the other side of the planet  Ruth/Po/Do you think your hijinx don't reach me?.....)


Why has there been no WOL Brits

Posting on my screen

What I've seen in paper

Just in paper seen?


Many Brits, bare, pantless!

Left them all at home

Much fodder for my neurons

Fodder for my pome


Let's focus on the pic attached

Is that Po in stance?

Attracting our attention

With a beaut pole dance??


Thought I wouldn't notice Po?....


Now look at the video

Bare legs all underground

Gosh! I swear that's Ruth I see

'Mongst bare legs all around


Thought I wouldn't notice Ruth?...


Now Do you cannot fool me

I know you made a flight

To be on tube with Ruth and Po

Where are you, outta sight??


Thought I wouldn't notice Do?...


What I have trouble here in Aus

Is why you do this so?

In middle freezing winter

Let's all sing doh si doh


Don Matthews January 2020






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Don Matthews

Mon 20th Jan 2020 06:53

I will be back to craze you ASAP

You certainly did in LMS Meeting 11 feedback.....


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Paul Sayer

Thu 16th Jan 2020 08:56


Don I have been quite sick Just after Christmas I went to see my Son and his wife. They just had another child last year and she had a bad viral lung infection, (She is 7 months old).

Both myself and my better half have both contracted it and are still off work.

I have not been on here or anywhere.
I have been layed flat mate.

This poem made me smile.

I will be back to craze you ASAP

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Ruth O'Reilly

Tue 14th Jan 2020 15:51

Well Don all I can say is that It's too freezing and rainy for me to go bare legged at the moment!

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