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A quick scan through the memories recorded

Heart feels a strong urge to take up few tasks

Something within while praying asks me to do

Certain tasks that have been playing in mind

A DNA testing to find the parental connections

It's a constant nagging utill tests been confirmed

May be God is wanting me to discover certain facts

I need to know, i need to process it so desperately 

All legal ways of finding what my heart smells as mystery

A way i see, i need to walk upon, just need the right people to get the task done

Loads of prayers i do need, for my protection and safety

As I'm dealing with most horrible of horrible lot at this moment

May my tasks be eased, and may my destiny is such that with it I'm extremely pleased

Submitted my self completely to my GOD ALMIGHTY 




Help! Protection! Safety! Prayers! Guidance! Ease!!!! 💖 

◄ This isn't my's the worst nightmare!!!!

Healing!!!!! ►


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Paul Sayer

Sat 11th Jan 2020 16:33

Commenting on the poem Do

It is well constructed and deeply shows the pain within your soul.

If you need any constructive help and advice I will give you the email and number to call.

I would have sent you a PM Do However there may be people who read your poem who are not able to be as strong as yourself.

It is for this reason I posted it on the forum... So others can contact you for your support, love and guidance.

Hold strong to your faith

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Paul Sayer

Sat 11th Jan 2020 16:20

DNA will sometimes give the answers we don't want.

It is 99.999% accurate the truth never lies

It is a question one has to be 100% certain, they want the answer too.

A simply mouth swab will tell for less than £100

A swab is needed from the mother and the father if one wants to prove both are parents.

We inherent 50% of our DNA from each.

Hence three tests are needed.


You could take them yourself, If however you need it for a visa for example you will need to have a witness and the test must be taken by a GP or such and they must witness the test... as it is a legal requirement I think.

Kits can sent anywhere in the world!

All individuals must give there consent.

Children under 16 must get permission
from there parents to get there own tests done. (lots of issues here obviously)

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 11th Jan 2020 15:58

This speaks strongly of great anguish. Writing about it is only good. Perhaps the very act of expression will separate the 'must' from the 'want to' from 'the should'. It occurred to me that 'medical facts' might be the issue. Just a thought.

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