The dogs are taking me for walkies

they've dragged me out in the dead of night

It's 2am, my hair is a mess

To the graveyard I could give a fright!


There's these two hairy brutes on the end of the collars

who just need a dump and a wee

''Pleae slow down as you drag me along''

I wimper with my voice in a plea


They sometimes forget I'm on the end of their leads

as they try to run along at full steam

They make me crash into trees with a  bang

and I get taken apart at the seams


Half hour later we all arrive home

dog tired and needing our sleep

They do lots of burping, snoring and farting

after jumping on our bed in a heap


This lord and lady rule our house

and they're so soft and fluffy and funny

Bobby looks like a powerful knight

and Stitch resembles a bunny! 

◄ The Black Witches of Taberoux!


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Brian Maryon

Thu 9th Jan 2020 20:51

The joy of having dogs eh? Nice on Phillippa.

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