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Hopes renewed!!

We prayed together for rescuing me

From the clutches of dark evil demonic forces

That had gripped me from within

We together break free from these 

Releasing me into a life of liberty 


Together we shall pray for your release

From the forces that have kept you emotionally captive

You need to work on your surroundings 

Release yourself from those notorious sources

Liberty shall be your home when you break free from snow









Smile ☺ 

◄ Love you always!!!

Arrival awaited!!! ►



Sat 21st Dec 2019 11:35

Donny dear......that was a clever write......n yes Po do go.....rhymes well!!


Sat 21st Dec 2019 11:34

Indeed Po......come along Po dear!!!

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Don Matthews

Sat 21st Dec 2019 09:05

Gosh Eth, Po's a good rhymer!.......Go. Do. Po.....but yes doesn't quite fit in for me...or does it?

I know you only went to kindy luv but let's see what you can do.....

I got to wake up first Eth......yawn

Fully awake sunshine?

Sorta I sorta go.....(stifled yawn - scriptwriter insert)

My name is Ethel's Bertie
I am a pensioner
I suffer with my vertigo
I want to rollercoaster


Thankyou Eth......

That's Po luv......

And hear all that clapping in the distance?.....

Hang on. Where are my 'earing aids?.....

They're on you luv.....

Oh so they are......

That distant clapping is the Like-Minder Associates. They like you.....

Miss Bethel also likes me Eth......

I liked your rhyme also luv.......clap.....clap

(Thalia and Lucy here Po/Do. We think the scriptwriter might have got a bit carried away here. We apologise. His application to write for the Goons got rejected and he was turned down by Monty Python -couldn't do silly walks - pelvis fracture from ladda fall- Brits don't know talent when they see it. Anyhow thankyou for clapping Bert. He is happily back napping again. Dreaming of Miss Bethel no doubt....)


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