When the stars fade

I don’t tell you this often , I don’t know if I should.

But I would change everything back if I could .

For a moment to gallivant swiftly in the rain,

For a second to tell you , your like a drug that numbs all of my pain

For a sheer minute to show you all the beautiful things 

That we often pass by as if they have no means 

I would turn it all back for a sunset with you

I’d change the hands of time for a moment or two.

For a walk across train tracks , and our toes in the sand 

For a glimpse of a memory when life wasn’t bitter & bland

For that breath taking smile , and the laugh that’s contagious 

Please stop me now if my imagination is being too outrageous 

For a day to get to know you all over again 

I’d give anything , even to just be your friend .

A person like you only comes along once 

And for that chance I passed up I feel like quite the dunce

I know we’re strangers now , & that life lessons have come & gone

I know I’ve screwed up a lot , and my choices were wrong

But to have a connection so strong , that we’re in each other’s dreams

Maybe my imagination isn’t as outrageous as it seems

I’m not saying that we’re romantically fit 

All I’m explaining is that we need each other around

And when things get too hard to handle I’ll help lift you back off the ground

I’m saying that I’ll always be here , even when the rest are not

I’m telling you , you’ll never be something I’ve forgot .

When the stars fade and the sun dies 

I’ll be waiting for you here 

So when the earth crumbles and you relies 

That there’s nothing else to fear 

Seek me out upon the desert , somewhere between the burning sky and ocean of sand

Cause I’ll always be here for you , & right here is where I’ll stand . 


◄ I’d love to say I love you

If I could touch the stars ►


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