If you knew my intention,

Would you,

Would you stick around?


If I asked for it,

Would you let me,

Let me hit it just once?


If you saw me falling,

Would you let me fall,

Fall in love with you?


If you felt the same,

Would you,

Would you tell me about it?


If I would’ve said the words,

Would you believe,

Believe me knowing what you know?


If your friends noticed our chemistry,

Would you believe them,

Believe that they know what’s good for you?


 If I called you mine,

Would you,

Would you be comfortable with it?


If they read our conversation,

Would you break it,

Break it off without a fight?


If you thought I don’t love,

Would you break my heart,

 Break my heart just to prove it?


If I was not normal,

Would you,

Would you talk to me like you do?


If I wouldn’t change for you,

Would you accept,

Accept me for who I am?


If I was close to your type,

Would you accept me,

Accept me as your lover?


If these were my questions, what would your answers be?



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