An invitation!!

I received an invitation 

Not for a party or get-together 

It was a witchy crafted meal

Prepared in a pot of gold 

Filled with steaming chicken soup

Which smelt great and tempting 

Come o ye darling!!  Come and have some soup

I've prepared it finally for my lovely one just you 

Every time i fell a victim to these gentle invitations

Only to loose my self and my body at the dictates of her


I checked on the ingredients of the lovely soup


It had fine fresh chicken, clean water, garlic ginger onion, salt n pepper, lizard bones, mouse shit, witch's urine, evil verses and chants, contant stirring with demons name, on a low flame she cooked and cooked a FINE MEAL for my dad and poor me. 


She insisted on tasting it

Was very excited serving it

I was just too sure this time

I her invitstion just declined

She looked disappointed 

She looked hot with anger

But she must have not given up

Today again she will prepare 

A lovely FINE MEAL for us two

Which again i will decline 

But my father certainly has no clue


Only thing now i can do

Is free myself from this witch's grip

Run far far away, as far as my legs can carry

Never to turn back and look towards home

Ah the home! Where she ruined my every dream

Separated me from every loved one, 

Broken dreams loiter all around the lovely garden

Her wicked smiles after her mission completion 

It hurts me really sad and really bad

My childhood, my youth, my life till now

She has greedily devoured once and for all

Whatever is now left of me

I csn restart and live my little dreams

Far, far away in a lovely home


I shall never accept the invitation coming home

For stay or for another meal



◄ Love you!!! 💖

Tranquil alliances!! 💖 ►


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