What's Next?

The trauma from my past weighs heavy on my soul

Unresolved issues making me feel alone

The pain in my chest been replaced by a dark hole

I feel like I’m living life through apps on my phone.


Night after night insomnia plagues me like a demon,

I’m so exhausted, I can’t take another beatin.  

My stomach churns like I haven’t eaten.

Sourpatch Kids my life, I need it to sweeten.


Smoking dope because I just don’t want to think.

Life moving too fast, you better not blink.

Been up for 14 days straight, haven’t slept a wink.

Not a good idea, but I’m pouring another drink.

Suicidal thoughts cloud my head, I need to see a shrink.

Mind so crazy I think I’m the missing link.


Legends keep dying, and my heart keeps sinking.

So tired of crying but I can’t stop drinking.

Is it all worth it? This question stuck inside my head.

Suicide can’t commit. What’s it really like to be dead?

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Don Matthews

Fri 13th Dec 2019 22:09

The Angel of the Lord he said
(Why I call it he???)
Po you been a naughty boy
Go back, and goodly be

I dunno how to be this?
This goodly, what you say
I always been a wild one
Plenty girls I lay (each day, in da hay)

Hey hey

Think I better stop here Po....


Why is his angel a he Eff?.....I thought they were she's?.....

Dunno luv......Aussies have funny ideas...


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Paul Sayer

Fri 13th Dec 2019 20:58

From an X user take it from me... you really don't want to die, to find out!

Been there, done that... Got sent back!


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