I’m over whelmed 

Living life in my own personal hell

Can’t seem to share the burden cause I only trust in myself

Life has taught me many lessons 

Still it seems that I fail 

So this is my confession 

Feels like I’m sliding off the rails 

My thoughts they never quiet 

My stress it has no end

My soul it wants to riot 

Yet my heart tells me to begin again

They say I’m quite accomplished 

But inside I’m torturous my friend

They say I’ve got it all 

But it feels like all I’ve got is suspense

Constantly being torn between the things I love and what I want 

It’s just a constant internal battle , my soul forever it will haunt

& as I sit here sleepless worrying about what is ahead

I tend to forget about the small blissful things that make me great full I’m not dead

And in that short few moments I can feel it in my heart

The beating sound it sparks a flame , so a fire I’ll restart

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I’d love to say I love you ►



Thu 12th Dec 2019 22:30

I can well relate these thoughts at this moment of time......well expressed!!! 💖

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