It’s another failed day on Northern Rail

Northern Powerhouse 

                        on its side,

                the 8:26 to Halifax

          crawls along the platform

         like it’s watching out for snails

             searching the rails for oblivion. 


The train’s pace is hardly a race 

                  but it’s only minutes late,

                  not cancelled like yesterday

                          and the many times since

                           new trains of the diesel age

                                                 brought deluges


                            of delay-repay claims

                                   as they broke down,

                                             rails got slippery,

                                        floods brought trickery

                                            or crews couldn’t reach

                                              where they needed to be.  


         Last night’s train was another no show

                  so tonight’s late depart past Eureka!

                                                    is a slither of hope

                                                 in the direction of home. 

                       Its slither then dithers after Sowerby Bridge

                                  and it stops in its tracks at Mytholmroyd. 


                              Six stacked trains in a panic attack. 

              The guard doesn’t know when we’re going to get past 


                                                                              so I jump the steps and the open doors,

                                                                                                                            dash to catch a bus 

                                                                                                                                               to my yoga class.

Northern PowerhouseNorthern Rail

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Don Matthews

Thu 5th Dec 2019 11:53

I am a little Britty train
I love to carry Britties
From one side of our Britty town
To 'nother Britty city

What's that? The rails bit slippy today?

I am real good with slippy rails
(As writer pauses, thinks
How to finish this verse off
Rinky dinky dink?)

Someone's just accused me Rob
Of being kinda racist
My train it only carry Brits
I guess they're right , let's face it


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