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Before the dawn of new life

A flight to a new land

Just went in to visit old friends

To see my lovely childhood pal

She is my bosom chum, will miss her

All the tomorrows will be a great reminder

Of some strong family friends

Uncle old stood by my ugly hours

Just bid my aunt a farewell

Before the dawn of a new life

I had so much for this day

Memories which will be locked within

The sound recess of my heart

Of my childhood friend, uncle and aunt

I will miss them, and i do love them

Wanted to see them one last time

◄ Ready, get set, go!!! - The marathon!!

I love you forever!!! ►



Wed 4th Dec 2019 23:54

Thank you Donny dear 💐

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Don Matthews

Wed 4th Dec 2019 22:26

I like this....

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