forward reflection

I want to live to see the day 

when we can’t believe 

how mindless we were


how we could let so much 

go to waste 

and think somehow 


it was modern 


or western


we’d put our minds 

in tangles 

to make sense


how our compassion 

by necessity had to be 

studied and selective


wanna live to see that day

wanna live to see that day

wanna live to see that day


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Don Matthews

Thu 28th Nov 2019 20:25

I like everything about this Robert. The short lines and stanzas.

Po's comments I also like......

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Paul Sayer

Thu 28th Nov 2019 20:04

Hindsight has 20/20 vision

For most, it seems to me, foresight is 0/0 or o^o can't see any improvement.


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