Pushing Boundaries

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Pushing Boundaries



If you do not push the boundaries,

you will never know where they are “ (T.S Eliot)


Poems can deliver

Sorrow, hate or mirth

As we come across them

From our end, to birth


I enjoy experimenting

When I sit down to write

How can we break tradition

Unless we lift our sight


New things won't be discovered

If we don't push bounds

Listen to some new-type words

Soften to new sounds


You know I bend my grammar

To make it fit the verse

The Grammar Board above me

They say Don you're a curse


My poems can be offbeat

Challenges the mind

Pushing unknown boundaries

What's new out there? – go find


Now Don it's Rhyming Board here

You can't say 'end to birth'

We all know it is birth to end

You can't cause all this mirth


My view is very simple

I'll bend it to suit me

As long as I don't lose you

With my-type poetry


Now what's this 'my-type' word you've used?

We've not heard it at all

It is not in our Book of Rules

Gosh Don! You've got gall


It seems we cannot stop you

Pushing boundaries

I guess we'll have to settle back

While you write poetry




Don Matthews April 2019









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Wed 27th Nov 2019 20:52

Hey Don - 'spose pushing bounderies is better than pushing boulders up hills but what happens when there's someone on the on the other side pushing back? 😃
Go well ><>

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Don Matthews

Wed 27th Nov 2019 11:01

Lady, me, n TS
Boundary-pushers all
Riding onna rollercoaster
(Brian we havin' ball)

Ridin' round our Theme Park
Thale and Luce as well
(What on earth's he on about?)
Thalia rings the bell

Ding ding.....

Hey Eff, wot's he on about?

Dunno luv. Aussies get a bit strange .....




Wed 27th Nov 2019 10:20

Breaking the stereotypes..... Giving wings to imagination, breathing life within....let the words flow unrestricted and emotions fly in all directions.
I love this breakfree poetry....my type, your type, our type.

Just Do It ✅ ✅ ✅ 🎩 🎩 's off!!

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Brian Maryon

Wed 27th Nov 2019 09:19

When I woke up this morning I never thought I would read that T.S. Eliot, Lady Gaga and Don would be forming a clique.

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kJ Walker

Wed 27th Nov 2019 07:19

Boundary pushing made up words
It's what our Don does best
Unshackled by the rule book
Two fingers to the rest

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