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I just keep waiting to hear from you

The letters you write lovely and deep

Such moments puts my heart at ease

As i sit reading every lovely word and emotions you shared


The news these letters bring from a far off land

Where my lovely man lives and has businesses 

From the winds of those air which he breathes

I feel satisfaction of love with my every breathe 


The glorious sun that glows and the lovely moonshine

Both are messengers of love from cupids divine

Bringing with them the pictures of my lover

As I bathe in their shine every morn, noon and night


Dear God, I ask thee to take care of my lover right

Who is lost in a distant land and is away from eyes

Please bring him back safely for me when the time is right

Till then patiently I pray for his safety and for his lovely family

◄ Symphonies!!!

Darling, come to me now!! ►



Tue 26th Nov 2019 13:03

Hi Ruth, No real letters in paper, and the photographs from moonshine and sunshine are reflections of him sent to me, no real pictures in paper, just a poem of my imagination..... I read the words, feelings and emotions in the beautiful words sent as letters in the form of poems and prose and see the pictures as in memory I hold of him in my soul and heart.

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Ruth O'Reilly

Tue 26th Nov 2019 11:16

Real letters are still such a fantastic thing definitely Do.Ro.Thy

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