What is the Matter?

The source

Matter of course

Tight relation

Holds solid truth 

Source of vibration


all manifistation

Mind's eye carries its reverberation

Atom formation

Instantanious light creation

The relation is of matter and of course is solid truth

So let it flow 

expand and grow

no matter your thinking be acute or obtuse

Stand in the harmonic node and your seas to part

Too hard to grasp

Re-think what you've been taught

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Paul Sayer

Mon 25th Nov 2019 21:32

Need to un-focus.
Pulled this way and that
like a maze and a rat

What a read this is NS

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A Peterson

Mon 25th Nov 2019 17:58

Wow. You are a poet, an astrophysicist, and a chemist. How do you find the time haha

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