Amateur Poet Bert Applies For Entry to Like-Minders Society Theme Park

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Amateur Poet Bert Applies For Entry to Like-Minders Society's Theme Park



Stood at the Theme Park Entrance

Watched Minders flying by

On their rollercoaster

I wanted in, did sigh


A sign nailed to the Entrance Gate

Said welcome please come in

But need to be invited

No riff-raff taken in


Deciding I'm no riff-raff

Prepared my C and V

And sent it to their Office

For he and she to see


(Application received thanks Bert. Will pass it on to our leader and secretary. Lucy L – LMS Head of Publicity.)


(To explain. I'm leader of LMS, Thalia's my secretary while Lucy works in the office and speaks bold dialect language. I call her bold and beautiful. That's why I hired her. Thalia uses the more refined italic language, as one would expect from Muses)


Back to Bert's application:


I got my application back

They said that I had failed

Medically unfit they said

(Yes, was stamped and mailed)


(We do things the old proper way Bert. Special delivery LMS courier. Sorry about your application. What our leader says goes. He hires and pays us. Lucy L HOPLMS )



Was worth a try Eth...


Well you do have your old vertigo problem Bert........


They seemed to be having so much fun Eth......


Well they don't go green like you luv...


Can you get anti-rollercoaster-sickness pills at Tesco Eth?.....


Dunno luv...Worth a look


Don Matthews November 2018 (with help from Thalia and Lucy L)

◄ Greed Rules the World – I Guess

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Michael Triandafils

Mon 18th Nov 2019 00:35

You should let the riff riff in....they are more interesting

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Ruth O'Reilly

Sun 17th Nov 2019 17:17

Life is a rollercoaster you just got to ride it! But a few carefully selected poems along the way will make your journey run more smoothly


Sun 17th Nov 2019 08:26

Best of luck bert...keep trying....the best is yet to come...much to attain.👍

Rolli coosi ride!!! Hehehe💖

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