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What am i?



What am I? An exploration I to make

Knowing exactly well my own reality

Am i a poet obscure or prominent one

Or am i a simple woman with feelings locked within

Am i a teacher moulding the pupils into perfection

Or a skilled labourer doing duties monotonously forever

I am a learner and a scholar making my way into education system of today and tomorrow 

Or am i a professor of arts, philosophy and psychological mystery

In this big and bright universe that exists beyond uncertain realms

I am but a speck, a little dot, trying to understand the sole purpose of my very existence 

Worshipping my Lord, God almighty for sure is the purpose first and sound

The other subsidiary aims are obliterated with situations crooked and uncertainties overwhelming 

Walking my way through unknown spheres,  exploring well and discovering others

Where on the bitter crossroads where obscurities dwell

I close my eyes to migrate the soul seeking answers from heaven's Universities 

Packed with features and the functions i go on steadily marching forever

Seeking well and dwelling on the reasonings and logical unfoldings

Which are sure signs from heavens above, showering on me tremendously 

I am but a traveller, a complete stranger into this world,

Carrying with me smaller baggage travelling my way into worlds yet unexplored 

◄ Melody of pain!!

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Fri 15th Nov 2019 22:14

Search a never ending way, exploring n discovering only to find there are many things yet unexplored and undiscovered. So true....thanks for the analysis....much appreciated Po!!

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