They say the world is ever-changing , though every day it seems the same 

they say time heals all wounds , yet I'm brought to my knees with the sound of your name

they say we can move on , that there will always be another

if they say all these things , then why under my emotions do I feel so smothered 

the clock it keeps on ticking , time keeps passing by

yet everything for me is the same , and most nights all I do is cry 

I can't heal the wounds inside me 

I can't mend my broken heart

and they say time heals all wounds

so tell me when that's suppose to start

my mind is always busy , running circles around your name 

is it time that I should point at? Or am I the only one at blame 

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Fri 15th Nov 2019 10:28

Oh my goodness Aimee I can feel the trauma of your words pouring out of this poem.A literary gem.


Fri 15th Nov 2019 09:58

True love never ends, n cn never be exchanged!!! Healing is only in union....give it a go....well expressed!!

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