I know that she’s not here right now  

& nothing quite seems right 

I know you can’t explain just how

You wish she was here with all your might

She use to fix your scrapes and bruises 

Mend all our fragile parts

And though it’s death that separates us 

She lives on inside our hearts

Don’t cry today my mother 

Unless they’re all but happy tears 

Instead look back on the memories 

And all those special years 

The ones filled with her warm embrace 

And lipstick kisses on your face 

Remember the smell of her perfume 

And how she’d chuckle in a freeze frame

Reflect on the moments in her room

And all the positive feelings that remain

Although she isn’t here right now 

Not in a solid form

She lives on with in us 

And it’s our job to keep her memory reborn 

◄ Drifting

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Fri 15th Nov 2019 10:00

Sad but beautifully written....💓

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