Falling In November

We were falling in November

As the leaves escape the trees

I tremble when you touch me

Seems I’m always falling to my knees

I dream of something smoother

Like the sand beneath our feet

But every time I try to love 

My emotions always retreat

I start to run like water

A river raging rapidly

And as I stare into November

There’s a stranger staring back at me

The winter it grows colder

The seasons always changing

I carry the chip of the world on my shoulder

No chance for re-arranging 

We were falling in November

The leaves are on the ground

We’ve nearly hit December

And I can finally feel you now

We start to flow together

Moving carefully like the wind

And now that it’s December

We can finally begin again

The seasons they are ever changing quickly with the earths rotation

And you are my natural sensation

My personal fire

You are the stars to me 

We are what everyone aspires to be

Yet the leaves fall so rapidly 

And Ice covers our hearts

Though we belong together

We always seem to fall apart 

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