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Torn pages of the book!!!!!!

Don't search for me in gardens green

You won't find me untill you search within

I'm right where you left me, now stop searching

My tiny little brain isn't just properly working

It seems to be wondering and just can't comprehend

What you want me to do after destroying

Which book are you reading? When the pages you have torn.

Where you searching for stories? When ink in the pen's running dry.





Trust is a boat built of wood

A little hole in the boat makes it sink

A little hole in trust makes relationships sink


I trust you and follow on

Like a child who blindly trusts his father

Holding hands and walking miles with trust piled


You have experiences rich

Diverse enrichmennt of mind and soul

I trust you for all your wisdom and learnt skills


Undoubtedly i just keep walking behind

For i know the destination you leading me to is fairly mesmerising

You are the master of the troop you leading through

◄ Yun sufinama

The world of imaginations ►



Sun 10th Nov 2019 08:56

Very well thought and said Po😊💐

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Paul Sayer

Sun 10th Nov 2019 08:54

From the book of life

a never ending story


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