To My Bedroom Floor

To my bedroom floor, i’m sorry for leaving you in shambles i'm sorry for showing you all the intimate places on my body To the torn up pieces of paper on my bedroom floor, i'm sorry for never finding use with you, tearing off every part of you until you are rendered worthless, until the only place you will feel truly welcome will be my trash can To my trash can, i'm sorry for giving you all the barren things from within my brain, all you get are the leftover remnants of my insignificant life To my life, I am sorry...i'm sorry for neglecting you and i'm sorry for being too afraid to live you I'm sorry for keeping you locked in a closet too terrified to open, too afraid that the only thing i will find is something that i don't want to see Or finding the truth that i fought so hard to bury, only to have it crawl its way into my cracks, to find it oozing into the places that i've tried so hard to keep closed To myself i’m truly sorry for never seeing the potential in you i'm sorry for always putting you down and never telling you that i love you because i truly do.

I am the night sky ►


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