From My Window There Is A Tree

From my window there is a tree

Tall and slender.

The slim trunk lifts high, narrow branches

That spread fine twigs into natural filigree.

From each twig hangs a long-stemmed leaf

Like a child's open hand

To catch the wind.


When a broad current of air

Plays through the boughs

All the leaves quiver and spin

In ecstatic solos

And the whole tree shivers

With golden motion.

It is so beautiful.


But, today the wind is restless

And relentless.

The tree shimmers

In a final dance of rapture.

The tired leaves drop

Almost like a stage curtain.

The dance is done.



Cynthia Buell Thomas, Oct . 2019



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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Tue 5th Nov 2019 16:04

Well, I'm enjoying myself. I am content.

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