Apartment Life

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Life in apartment

is just life on compartment,

here relation is of short duration

as like journey ends with a new station.


Hardly there is cooperation

coordination and compromisation,

people find pleasure on self

not thinks of anyone's help.


Relation is confind within the wall

outside the room ,all have to fall,

individual remains on selfish

don't share anyone  with the fish.


Relation is limited with wife and children

outside only remains the unidentified men,

narrow is the mentality

never thinks of fraternity.


People hankering after power and pelf

not concern about nation,but for self,

Nation needs your support

don't keep yourself apart.


Aim always for higher

not remain on minor,

leaving yourself from aprtment life

live for others and for five.


Cooperation  coordination builds strength

colaboration with others brings faith,

Don't remain on parochial approch

be loyal and keep everybody with touch.







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