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Andrew Barton Paterson CBE  1864  -  1941    
Poet, Novelist,  Lawyer, Grazier, Traveller, Journalist,  Editor, War Correspondent,  Soldier, Sportsman and noted Horseman.
The eldest of seven children was born February 17th 1864 at Narambla  Station  New South Wales Australia to Rose and Andrew Bogle Paterson.    
He spent most of his childhood on the Station where he came in contact with squatters ,teamsters, drovers, bush rangers and many  a diverse character.  At the age of ten he left his Primary Bush School to attend Sydney Grammar School and live with his grandmother Emily. Graduated at sixteen  and became an Articled Clerk in a  Lawyers Office.  He loved sport, was  a member of the  first Polo Team to represent his state.  1885 qualified as a solicitor and published his first poems in a monthly magazine. Both his father and grandmother were poets so they where a significant influence throughout his childhood.  The name Banjo was taken from a racehorse the family owned. His writings became very popular and in 1895 he published his first anthology of poetry  “The Man from Snowy River” which made him an instant celebrity.  Australia’s first Folk Poet, his poetry of verse and ballad is a true reflection of Australian life , he captured the imagination of a continent. His famous song  Waltzing Matilda, written to the tune of an old English Marching song ,was adopted as  Australia’s National Song.
He died February 5th 1941, leaving a legacy of rich irreplaceable  folklore, which captured the spirit and essence of the Australian people.   Always his poetry contains laconic humour and fatalistic philosophy of the bushmen constantly  facing extreme living conditions.
Here are a few of my favourites poems go read and enjoy.
Mulgas Bill’s Bicycle
 A humorous look at a very stubborn and proud fellow, who refused to accept that riding a bicycle was not like riding a horse.  
Geelong Polo Club
A memorial  game of Polo between two adverse teams. Bush versus City.
Clancy of the Overflow
Two friends one city gent  the other  a drover
A sad tale of family life in the bush.
In Defence of the Bush
 A well written Open Letter from Banjo to Henry Lawson a fellow poet.
The Man from Ironbark
A very humorous story that  is probably true.
The Antidote
All cautionary tale about snakes 
My Books obtained at Perth Book Exchange WA 
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Related People: Paterson, Andrew Barton (Banjo) (1864 - 1941

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