Those words you don’t remember,
Wind tearing through the sky,
Your soul is packed with fortitude
While sparks fly.


The coals flare into flames, a pettiness
Of heat. Suddenly, replete: golden sands,
Crystal brooks, silken lines, silver hooks.

Glimpsing what’s already there,
She begins to mount the stairs.

Who cares?


Say, a friend you trust implicitly,
A lover you might like,
A reckoning, that’s possible,
A slight rearranging of the night.


A deep study of false documents,
Poems, yes, you may surmise,
The woman who called here yesterday,
Thank God! She’s still alive.


A feeling that’s believable,
I’ll say it loud, now, if you please,
The never-ending circle,
Designed, I think, to tease.


The beginning of the end, my friend,
Your starting blocks aimed high,
A moment of deep-set intimacy,
Look! Lightning streaks the sky!

◄ As blue as robins' eggs



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Sun 27th Oct 2019 19:14

Wow! Touching, raw, bittersweet, as always... those fleeting moments filled with electricity. Embrace the storm.

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