F**ck It

Written in Widnes Station, in tribute to Paul Simon


I’m sitting in the railway station

Life’s meeting all low expectations

New philosophy, half full bucket

My way forward? Just say fuck it!

Don’t hold back or hide your talents

Go for life and keep your balance,

Just remember, long time dead,

Your only brakes are in your head.

Your angry chimp can’t hold you back,

Best form of defence? Attack!

So watch out world, gonna live each second,

From past the grave, success is beckoned,

Pain and death are my new teachers,

Fun and laughter, my life features.

Long empty days of agony tasted,

Now seconds filled are so not wasted.

Give me raisins on my cake,

Let sweets and candles decorate,

Friends, life, love my trinity holy,

Find smiles fast and frowns more slowly.

Love and be loved is my new motto,

Eat and drink… but don’t get blotto!

Life’s a gift, a treasured present,

Past is gone, future’s distant

Life’s a joke and all things show it,

Thought so once, and now I know it.

So laugh and smile through snow and rain,

You’ll never pass this way again.



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