Pablo’s Progress

Some people christened how I’m painting cubist;

perhaps I may pursue it for a while.

There’s nothing else I’ve got on my to do list,

so maybe I’ll just call it a new style.


One portrait shows an abstract sort of image,

with body parts appearing out of place;

the critics grumble in their little scrimmage

both eyes are on the same side of her face.


But since my work is drawing all these comments,

my mates have now decided to join in;

although I have to mention in their defence,

we have the whole of Paris in a spin.


What started out as doodles in my mind

became the way a movement is defined.

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jennifer Malden

Wed 31st Jul 2019 16:29

Nice one! Cubism was totally innovative then, and very difficult to paint. I prefer the later style, like 'the Farmer's wife', 'Crying woman', 'The fishermen' etc.


Devon Brock

Mon 1st Jul 2019 22:36

Was never a fan of Pablo's work, except the blue period, but I love this poem. The unanticipated birth of artistic movements by the seminal artists. The disruptions caused by the first adherents. Well done.

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