I have seen Elvis in my mirror...

I have seen Elvis in my mirror.

Not the blue-black-haired sexy Elvis:

piercing eyes, taut skin reflecting the neon of a setting southern sun,

but the other one.


Fat, pig jowled.

cheeks like slabs of something dead.

Eyes like fish,

surprised to be set in something quite so bloated.

Left in a jar too long.


 My lips hang loose

as if too tired to utter

or chew.

I might choke on a cheeseburger.


My eyes and above,

they look defeated,

slightly shocked.

They've had one piece of bad news too many.


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Graham Sherwood

Sun 28th Feb 2010 12:38

Sorry Rachel, couldn't get this, but I'd buy the last line if it was for sale.

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Greg Freeman

Sat 27th Feb 2010 10:45

Ah, but wasn't the sexy Elvis something else! Can't quite get the line "my eyes and above" ... But I really like this, tight and concise, like a two-minute single

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