Specs and Mugs and Sausage Rolls


(With apologies to Ian Dury)


In this world of parties, life can be quite frantic,

But my sad old life can feel quite anaesthetic,

Some may go to clubs, I nibble a club biscuit,

Worry ‘bout my mortgage, and my broadband bandwidth, 

Some go shake their asses, I hunt for my glasses,

Some do lines of cocaine, drink coke I get a migraine,

Some living the dream, but my life is mundane,

And this… is all… I need….

Specs and Mugs and Sausage Rolls

Specs and Mugs and Sausage Rolls

Is all my body needs…


When it comes to baking, I can make good biscuits,

Got to make the mixture, flour and eggs I whisk it,

Stirring up my dough, then I add the raisins,

No-one comes for tea, I don’t see the reason

Sofa’s good for me, may put on my new CD,

Surprisingly good, what you find on daytime TV

So it’s…

Flex, and Plugs and Mixing Bowls

Flex, and Plugs and Mixing Bowls

Is all my recipe…


I go walk the streets, in the early morning,

People that I meet, are often really boring,

Then I see my mum, and give her a long cuddle,

Some might say I’m dumb, my life’s just in a muddle,

But ties are binding me, I’d better not struggle

Healthy walks in hills, and splashing in a puddle,

Cos Treks, and Hugs, Life on the Dole,

Treks, and hugs, life on the dole,

Is what will set me free.


In the pouring rain, I’m waiting at the station,

Brexit on the news, dangers of inflation,

Thinking of a beach, tingling with elation,

Sand between my toes, no need for a playstation,

Life is never lost, when you live with Expectations,

Sand, and sun, and parasols

Sand, and Sun and parasols

Makes my life a beach…



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Lisa C Bassignani

Sun 5th May 2019 13:37

"Are very good indeed!"

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