Ilkley Moor

Thadassent wander Ilkley moor baht ‘at,

the breeze up yonder strips ye tae the bone;

a drop o’ rain’s enough to beat thee flat,

sometimes those drops feel heavy as a stone.


So allus wear tha’s heavy winter coat

all buttoned to the neck to keep thee warm;

complete it wi’ a muffler rahnd tha throat,

and tha’ll be reight, and ready for a storm.


Tha’ll ‘appen meet a maungy southern prat,

and all he’ll do is mither thee and moan;

for he’s no comprehension where he’s at,

‘cause he can’t get a signal on his phone.


So mebbe laik at summat else to do,

or better, stop at ‘ome and mash a brew.

NaPoWriMo Day 29

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Frances Macaulay Forde

Tue 30th Apr 2019 04:50

Loved it, Trevor. More please. ?

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kJ Walker

Mon 29th Apr 2019 21:43

Loved it Trevor. The moor was actually on fire last week, but in the space of a few days I bet it's back to the chilly scene you have described here.

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Laura Taylor

Mon 29th Apr 2019 15:45

There was a dialect prompt this month anyway Trev so you're fine! And this is a great piece of work.

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trevor homer

Mon 29th Apr 2019 15:32

I don't think it necessary to know the dialect - there is enough of a glimmer of understanding to decipher this poem that makes me feel I am outdoors. Pulsing with wit and Yorkshire grit -,thanks

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Stu Buck

Mon 29th Apr 2019 12:53

love this! i remember when we were younger we had 'how ta talk proper' pinned on the fridge with hull dialect translated. my favourite was always 'fern curls' - curls you make on tha fern

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Trevor Alexander

Mon 29th Apr 2019 12:33

I didn't fancy the 'official' prompt today, so this is an attempt to write in Yorkshire dialect, even though I can't speak it properly. There may be a few unfamiliar words for those of you not of the Yorkshire persuasion, so there's a glossary of Yorkshire words here.

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