for you and your girl


She wears you like old perfume,

Like a dog bite that does not go away,

She does not want to let go of your torn hand - 


I reek of naivety,

Like old summer bruises, 

Who is your girl? 


I still feel you - 

I whisper,

Like a bad disease,

Bad disease,

Bad disease. 


Burn the proof of our love - 

I beg,

Once again,

On my knees,


Like late summer nights. 


I still love you - 

She whispers,

Like a true bride,





Who it is, 

Who it is that found you, 

In that morphine night?


Love is supposed to hurt - 

Ain't that right,

Like a priest, 

Preaching to someone who does not listen; 



I think i found you,

The destiny is written. 


She begs me to disappear; 

Pull out!

Pull out!

Pull out! 


And be careful - 

I preach - 

Even the nicest dog knows how to bite - 


Tear her heart like you tore apart

My purity,

When I got high

And it didn't hurt 

And I blamed the night. 


She woke up,

With a false lover in her bed,

I woke up,

With a true lover in my arms.


It is supposed to bleed,

Please - 

She begs,

Prays to God. 


But why didn't you listen - 

Like a phone ringing in an empty room,

Like a dog barking to no one. 


Like a foul mouth

Stuck to a foul mouth - 

We shared the same lie.


She cannot breathe -

And i cannot touch you,

She touches your body out of spite - 

I cannot breathe. 


She watches me burn - 

Like a witch,

Like a girl witch hunting 

For love. 


A girl,

A girl,

A girl - 


Not yet a woman, 

Not yet,

Not yet 

The one. 


Not yet loved - 

Never -

Never - 



I pray to no one,

To myself,

She proclaims me a goddess

So that she can

Decide if I exist or not. 


She prays to me,

On her hands and knees,

Go away - 

She begs.


You do not exist - 

I burn in his eyes like

The witch she burnt,

She burns; 

But not with me.


I burn; 

With her. 

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Heart of Lead

Thu 18th Jul 2019 11:29

So powerful and haunting.

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