If I could get the chemicals in my mind
To stop chasing the ghost of herĀ 
Because the memory of her is just killing me
So how is this even fair anymore
Because my unbalanced chemicals cannot take
The ruling actions in my fucking head

Am I supposed to put a gun to my head
Maybe then you're fucking listen?
My unbalanced chemicals can't take your over glow
I'm tiptoeing on broken glass
It's profound how you can be ignorant to my feelings

I had a mini heart attack yesterday threw up blood
Because the thought of you is absolutely torture in my head
How could you promise me the whole world in rip it away
Does your word not mean anything to you
I could choke on a glass of bleach and it wouldn't bother me

When you said you loved me did that mean anything
Because you were endlessly in my head
I would choke on the rinds if it mean
I could hold your hand one more time
Everyone says I could do better
I don't think anyone can love me after you
Firefly you was my last hope and now it's all gone

◄ Words of The Waiting Man 30 (Final Chapter part 3) Space Cowboy

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