Fit in

once was a sweet inocent young girl

a young girl who always followed the rules

always listen what was told

never disapointed anyone

but she was never happy

always wanted to fit in

and to be loved and to be popular

honestley she would do anything to fit in

even go to places she shoudnt go

like to that party she didnt even want to go to 

but if that meant fitting in

than of course she would go

started off nice and quiet

just a few people form school

then it got pack and busy

a scene she wasnt used too

again trying to do anyting to fit in 

so she decied to have a little fun

one drink two drink four drink

one puff two puff four puff

she knew she wasnt herself 

so she just sat there 

alone and not herself

here comes someone trying to comfort her

atleast that is what she is thinking 

until it leads upstaris

a place she know she shouldnt go

but dont have the words to say no

dont even have the engery to move

and just like that it ends up being her worst night of her life

she isnt an innocent girl anymore

just like that her life is taken from her

no taking it back now

just trying to move on and forget

but of course she cant

so she talks

thinking since she is a sweet girl it would be okay

but of course its not

no one belives her

all cause she wanted to fit in

and now she has to deal with this pain

until one day there isnt anymore pain......

◄ Today is the day


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Martin Elder

Sun 21st Apr 2019 14:59

This seems to be an extremely honest and brave poem to write for which I applaud you. Also for writing about this subject so well. very well crafted

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