A Little Rain

(Well, once again I find myself awake at 3.30 a.m. you've gotta love insomnia. A good friend told me she wished I'd cheer up and to honour that wish I thought I'd try and write a response and a thank you.)


There are so many things to be grateful for,

For a start, just the chance to draw breath,

That alone is enough and we shouldn't ignore,

The fact that we daily cheat death.


There is so much beauty to yet explore,

So much joy that is yet to be felt,

That a little rain on a sunny day,

Is sometimes just the card that you're dealt.


And then there are those that surround you,

That listen when you need to be heard,

And their patience will ever astound you,

As they offer a comforting word.


There are laughs, loves, blue skies above,

And though sometimes clouds fill the sky with tears,

Let them fall and wash you clean,

Let them cleanse you of all your fears.


Let them wash away mawkish sentiment,

Let them rinse you of it all,

And free of this maudlin impediment,

Naked and clean, stand once again tall.


Be a strength to those around you,

And let them be your strength in return,

Let their love and commitment ground you,

And above all things, learn.

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