In a Dream

In a dream, Clotho destined me to spend my life in a depressing white fluorescent office

Lachesis laughed and said "Til you weave your own death garment you're just a novice!"

Atropos kissed my forehead and tucked me lovingly in my cold, slippery, fateful bedsheets 

and then She hung a pair of golden scissors on my bedroom wall right next to my idle wits. 


So I snuck away, dragged my bed outside and tied it empty on the roof of a speeding train,

and then I fled from my lot in the middle of the night treading light-a-hoof in the pouring rain.

For long I wandered the world singing songs of a man divine whom I once wished to wed-

-who, alas, a soldier of fame and fortune,belongs in the front line with the rest of the dead.


"Darling" he said to me before he left "We were destined to end from the very start."

And yet I insisted, and still do, upon the lie from the bottom of my love-aching heart.

I should have known the Fates would trace my stranded bed and uncover my fraud.

Inevitably; no matter how silently, how stealthily and how-ever-so light-a-hoof I trod!

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Mae Foreman

Tue 23rd Apr 2019 18:21

Thank you Heart! Your support is priceless?

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Heart of Lead

Tue 23rd Apr 2019 01:49

This is incredibly woven and so deep. I do love the melancholy.

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Mae Foreman

Sun 14th Apr 2019 20:23

"And yet I insist upon the lie! "
Thanks you Jason ?

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Jason Bayliss

Sun 14th Apr 2019 20:12

"We were destined to end from the very start." So sad because it's so true.

J. x

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