Black Confetti

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Blackened balls of confetti thrown against a slate sky

From left, from right, lines and angles they fly

Boiling clouds shuffle, sculp then conform

In kaleidoscopic monochrome; is this the start of a storm?


The mass absorbs and swells like translucent dough

An invisible baker, kneads, stretches and throws

And the amorphous miasma continues to grow

As eyes in wonderment gaze up from below


The ballet begins with twists, turns and folds

Though this is no swan lake, these birds are not those

The stage has been taken by a vast cosmic cast

To the sky’s edge this chorus, takes its aerial dance


They are dashing, they are darting but their wings never meet

80,000 companions, looking for somewhere to sleep

Hawks create havoc, and patterns sublime

A splintered mystical mosaic, that reforms time after time


A child’s pied dolphin in the firmament swims

And as it transforms, the monster grows limbs

It contorts, it explodes, it rolls, and it sways

A dazzling performance at the end of the day


This sight defying vision, sent by nature to confound

Hark at our senses, when manifold wings create sound

Then comes the finale, as dead weights pour into the ground

In the reeds you hear snoring, as Starlings sleep, safe and sound


◄ Caledonian Secrets

Born in the shadow of a mountain ►


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