Why Brexit?









For sale.

No bidders, no interest.

No sale.

Blanked by middle-class morality

The channel 4, BBC, well-heeled media brigade

Dashing out of the Salford studios back to London

With all 500+ Remain MPs

As quick as you can, my man,

Back to the Estonian nanny, The French chef, Polish gardener

Such a bargain, my dear, nothing to fear

From free movement of labour here in Putney.

Preaching a diversity that doesn't include the hoi polloi.

The liberal Intelligentsia,

Tolerant in every corpuscle, sinew and bone:

It is our sincerely held view… racial diversity we embrace…gender and LGBTTQQIAAP too…

But not barbarians like you,

Oh, no, not barbarians like you..

Working class white boys

Less likely than any other ethnicity  in Britain to go to university…

More likely to die early…

Mortality rates rising,

Age of death falling,

Suicides leaping

And nobody caring

Despair surging

Anger coming....






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John Marks

Sat 6th Apr 2019 19:34

'This type of social profile'. Well, well, you live and learn. I remember being told, in 2016, by the BBC, and other over-paid pundits, that the economy would be in free-fall if the ignorant masses had the temerity to vote to leave the EU against their masters' wishes.

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Becky Who

Fri 5th Apr 2019 11:30

Unfortunately this is the type of social profile that is likely to suffer further, even more than most in the fallout of the economic chaos that is being and will be caused by Brexit. It won't be the toffs at the top either way.

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John Marks

Thu 4th Apr 2019 23:09

You'd think that MPs, after years of ripping off the taxpayer by claiming inflated expenses, would have some shame. But no - they're determined on subverting the decision made by 17.4 million electors to leave the EU. So direct democracy, just like representative democracy, is meaningless. The House of Commons bears a very heavy responsibility for denying the will of the people.

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Brian Maryon

Thu 4th Apr 2019 22:53

And it looks like they're going to get shafted again John

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