Getting In

Sun-baked sand clinging lightly to feet,

at high-water line, decaying

salty aroma of drying kelp,

as vagrant flies flitter around.


oozing between toes,

damp sand under sunlight,

warm on the surface,

cold underneath.


A breeze breathes gently,

barely cooling,

as it riffles recumbent hairs

on bared flesh.


Shushing waves whisper across sand;

glints of spume speckle briefly

then disperse,

with a scarcely audible popping sound.


Receding water

trickles deceitfully over toes

that edge cautiously

into spreading surf.


Lulled into the tide,

but brought up short

by the abrupt chill,

as ankles submerge in the surge.


Hands clasped in front,

elbows tight,

sidling deeper,

shivering deeper,

until knees, then thighs are covered.



To the ‘Oh’ zone;

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” until,

with impulsive bravado,

dunking down beneath the surface.


I am in!

NaPoWriMo 2019 Day 4

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Laura Taylor

Fri 5th Apr 2019 14:04

? So many great lines in this, I love the shushing waves.

The Oh zone ?

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