To The Bone

Battered and bruised on this slab of the Gods,

Cracked by the weight of their expectations,

Tempered by beatings my limbs are steel rods,

Toughened and shaped by their perturbations.


Veins run with blood that is not like my blood,

Mind, with thoughts that are not like my own,

Understanding yet misunderstood,

Wounds only hurt when they cut to the bone.


Knowing I wish to know the unknown,

Knowing I know the things that I wish,

Grasping the facts like a dog with a bone,

The jawing and gnawing I must accomplish.


Breaking my teeth in pursuit of this truth,

To chew at the gristle that clings ever yet,

Pursuing the marrow that hides at its core,

To savour its richness lest I forget.


A history I've seen and lived and made,

And deep in its meat tasted more than my own,

To sate the hunger for truths there inlaid,

I know I must chew this right down to the bone.

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 3rd Apr 2019 23:57

Thanks Jennifer, thanks Heart, yes it is about chewing the external and the internal to the bone, but very much that until you've, "Chewed yourself to the bone," you can't, "Chew the rest to the bone."
Glad you saw the metaphor, I sometimes wonder if I can get too oblique and I've been quite tired just recently so not on my A game.?

J. x

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Heart of Lead

Wed 3rd Apr 2019 21:58

I read the whole poem looking at the repetition of bones, then realized what the title was. A very good title. It's a painful, ceaseless hunting, as if it is our own bones from which flesh is plucked. To hunt within and to hunt without. Mesmerizing poetry that is very well done.

jennifer Malden

Wed 3rd Apr 2019 17:26

Very clever metaphor - using chewing, gnawing, tasting etc. Really liked it.


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