Government 'Opposition' Should be Called the 'Alternative' Party

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Government 'Opposition' Should be Called the 'Alternative' Party


The Government it forms one side of Parliament

While the Opposition it forms the other party

They both get together, cross the floor

Shouting loud and shouting hearty


The dictionary defines 'Opposition' as

Taking 'complete and contrary view of all things'

Yet how can that be when they both

Promise us best outcomes to bring?


Therefore they have the same goal

They both are aligned in their choosing

Where lies the opposition, I ask you?

'Alternative' is the word we should be using


Alternative only in how they might achieve

The best result to satisfy our trust

With doubtless a philosophical bent

Being the only difference a must


Sadly this misnomer 'opposition'

Means the party not in power must belong

And live up to this title and oppose

Everything, be it right be it wrong


We are all so fed up with this adversarial

Fighting between politicians on both sides

We want to see people of whatever persuasion

Being statesmanlike, bipartisan, as guides


Don Matthews March 2019


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<Deleted User> (21487)

Tue 2nd Apr 2019 10:15

Don If only.
We have been watching PMQs and someof the brexit debates
and they are nothing short of appalling. If children/young people behaved in the way these 'responsible adults' behave they would be
asked to leave the school/premises.

Young people learn by example mmmmmmmmmmmm


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