I Only Got A Job To Buy Her Glee

I feel so done with everything
Could you please try and fix me 
I'm sick and sad, missing you 
I'm not a saint I've become everything I can't stand

I'm sorry I was told I'd feel better after getting a job
Now I'm just missing you even more
Damn it I could buy you anything you want 
Because I don't want anything but you

God dammit money can't buy me happiness
I can fill the holes for a minute
But the loneliness always creeps in
The thought of you comes swinging
That shit fucking hurts

So tell me how selfish I am
I'll swallow it like smartass I am
If I died today would you even give a shit
I'm sorry for these last lines different kind of crude
I'm so goddamn jaded I can't find the room to be bitter

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